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Our first FAA certified AATD is currently located at Grove Field (1W1) in Camas, WA.  Contact FLYIT ACADEMY to schedule.


Qualification and Approval Guide (QAG)

Letter of Authorization (LOA)


Our AATD is unique in that it is built into an enclosed trailer so flight schools can rent them without needing a permanent dedicated space or a complicated set up.  It can be put into the corner of a hangar and easily moved.  Our AATD features dual linked controls and a force feedback system with a mechanical trim wheel.  The visual system features an 80 degree forward projection and a TV on either side allowing a 230 degree field of view.  This setup minimizes bezels in the pilot's field of view while keeping the sim compact enough to fit into an enclosed trailer.

Powered by Sim Innovations

Our AATD is made possible by Air Manager from Sim Innovations.  Air Manager is very versatile software that allows users to write script to create their own custom instruments.  It also reads and writes datarefs for endless possibilities.  Sim Innovations provides an extensive wiki to learn how to start writing script.  We use Air Manager with Arduino boards to control stepper motors, buttons and switches, servos and more.  Sim Innovations customer service is always helpful.  We highly recommend Air Manager to anyone looking to build a flight simulator or add an instrument panel to their sim.

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